Brother II Brother is a distinct and diverse group of over 100 professional mentors and volunteers committed to effecting change in the lives of at-risk youth through leadership and love. We work with young men (ages 11-19) to encourage them to pursue a path of education and enlightenment.


Every year, Brother II Brother facilitates a variety of mentoring events with programs designed to stimulate and motivate our mentees, including in-class lectures at high schools and middle schools, visits to juvenile detention camps and our annual youth empowerment symposium and college day.


For many of the young men, the symposium is their very first trip to a college campus, their first time stepping into a college classroom – a chance to sit in the very seat where many of our future leaders sit everyday and dream of someday sitting there. The impact can be quite powerful.


Our mentors come from a myriad of socio-economic and professional backgrounds. Many are from single-parent homes… most raised by their mothers. Some were forced to get a job straight out of high school foregoing higher learning to help take care of their families… others are Ivy League graduates with corporate credentials. We are physicians, attorneys, police officers, journalists, civil servants, construction workers, teachers, truck drivers, engineers, military veterans, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. All are leaders. And we all share the common desire to make this world – our communities, our neighborhoods – a better place for our children. As such we have come together to lead with love.


We mentor, educate and inspire about life, relationships, work ethic, networking, the importance of a quality education, health and fitness, community, philanthropy, financial literacy, self-respect and respect for women, and what it means to be a MAN.


Our demographic is the greater Los Angeles area. We target young men in underperforming and overlooked communities, where, in some cases, the school dropout rates exceed 50%. However, we are open to and welcome candidates from throughout Southern California.


At the 2nd Annual Brother II Brother Youth Empowerment Symposium at USC in 2008, one of the mentees – a junior high student named Jamal – was so disruptive he had to be separated from his group. Jamal recently contacted Vice Chair Ron Peters to say he had been accepted into a program for exceptional performers. Brother II Brother exists for young men like Jamal. The mentors and volunteers of Brother II Brother believe that all young people have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society. However, not all children get the support they need to succeed.


Brother II Brother is dedicated to strategically eradicating generational curses and strongholds that prevent our youth from achieving their full potential and realizing the American Dream. We believe that, with a little help and proper guidance, each child can discover how to unlock and achieve that potential. As such, we are committed to developing the programs our mentees need so they can excel. Ours is an endeavor set in motion by the desire to positively influence and enhance the way young men view themselves, their surrounds and their future.

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